Trending Paint Colors for Home Improvement Projects

by Dana Dang 10/11/2021

Much the same as architectural styles and interior design themes, color trends have a tendency to rise and fall with each passing season. However, there are a few that seem to persist throughout the years. If you're planning to paint your home this year, here are a few colors that have withstood the test of time and keep going.


If you are the type who loves nothing more than a calm, neutral tone in your house, then you are going to love the color almond. Almond is a paint color that is slightly deeper than a cream, but not quite as bright as a yellow. It's bland enough that you can incorporate stylish accents into the room that add a pop of color or a burst of interest, yet it's rich enough that it gives life to your walls.


The 90s are back in full force, so pastel colors are all the rage. Peach, in particular, is trending because this charming hue adds a sense of peacefulness and calm to any room. It's also soft enough that added colorful accents should blend well with it without distressing whomever is enjoying the room. 


Perhaps you prefer a richer color on your walls, in which case, plum is the color for you. This deep purple color adds a touch of elegance and class to any room. It is the ideal option for a home office, a bedroom or a living space where you will spend plenty of time.


Navy is a color that is simultaneously timeless and trending. It can be incorporated into any room and is one of the best options for an accent wall.

Pale Gray 

Sure, greige has been the talk of the home design industry for the last several years, but now people seem to be moving on to a more basic color — pale gray. Pale gray is both distinguished and inviting, making any space in your home a charming place to be.

When selecting colors, it's worth noting which hues are trending — but, at the end of the day, you need to stay true to yourself. The best thing you can do is select a color that speaks to you on a personal level and complements the rest of your home's design.

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